1. Dang it, guys, you should have asked me for advice on this city! I could have provided you with names of people to talk to and places to go that would have given you a much better impression than Mike Polk’s videos – which, frankly, were made by a Clevelander for other Clevelanders to make fun of what people who don’t spend much time in Cleveland assume it’s actually like. 😛 I promise there’s more to it than bums and poisoned rivers, honestly.

  2. Hi Sam, we would have loved to talk to more people in Cleveland. There’s definitely a lot more to this city than what these videos show. Sadly, we only had time to see my host brother and his wife, who took us on a nice drive. We would have loved to stop at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but that place closes at 5:30 – how rock n roll is that?!

  3. It’s just so sad – Cleveland always gets stereotyped. ;_; Most people just think of it as fly-over country, which I guess is kind of true if you compare it to places like…I dunno…New York, or Washington, but it does have some interesting things to offer on its own that no one ever hears about. Oh well. I don’t think you really missed out on much by not going to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, though – I went there for concerts a few times, and the museum itself was mostly just full of Britney Spears’ sweaty old pants. At least it’s in a nice location.

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